Xotic EP Booster

The Stratocaster I have used for performing Coming Back To Life is a 50’s style reissue strat, the pickups I tend to find are a little on the ‘weak’ side, so I use the Xotic EP Booster to add a little more ‘oomph’ to my tone.
I only have the dial-up around 9 o’clock though as I don’t want my tone to become saturated or too distorted, especially in the intro solo and rhythm sections.


Boss DD-3

All lead tones are helped along with a little delay, if you listen closely to the Coming Back To Life – Live At Pompeii lead tone, you’ll notice around 3 – 4 repeats (which can be added or lowered using the feedback knob)
the delay timing will take a bit of playing with, I have mine set at 200 milliseconds and raise or lower the time knob to what I feel is tasteful and close.
The Level knob is great to set the delay in your guitar mix, too loud and you’ll get too much of a U2 the edge style effect, too little and it’ll simply not be audible.
play around with it, start off with trying to match David Gilmour, then in time, find what level of delay you enjoy using the most.



The CS-3 is my go-to for anything compression-related.
For ‘Coming Back To Life’ you can really hear the pick strikes ‘clicking’ with every hit.
This signifies to me the classic compressed tone, so when I first hear the compression effect on this track, I knew I had to pull this out.
The sustain I have up fairly high, around 13:00 – 15:00 o clock, I really want my sound to be clearly compressed and very audibly ‘squashed’.
I then have the attack up around 13:00 o’clock also, then leave the level (volume) at 12 o’clock.
The tone knob is really useful for designing the sound of your guitar here…
If you’re getting a thin treble sound, lower the tone dial on the compression, if your guitar sounds too thick and bassy, raise it up to thin it out.
Ultimately, you want the amp’s eq set nicely for your instrument first, and then use your compression pedal to fine-tune things.

To take your education on these pedals further, take a look at these videos for reference.
These professionals can explain effect’s pedals in far better depth than I probably ever could.

JHS pedals founder Josh Scott on Compression.

That Pedal Show – Run through with a few different compression pedal samples and demos.

The compressions that David Gilmour uses for the Live at Pompeii gig
Effectrode PC-2A Compressor
Demeter Compulator
Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Compressor

That Pedal Show talking about delay subdivisions.
(setting the repeat tempo)

Don’t own a delay pedal?
Take a look at this video for more guidance.