Amp & settings

Marshall Jubilee 2555X Head (100w)

The Marshall Jubilee head uses two EL34’s & three 12AX7’s valves.
The EL34 and 12AX7 are the same valves the Hiwatt DR103’s are designed around.

In terms of eq, I have set the bass around 11 o’clock, the middle around 2 o’clock & the treble is back at 12 o’clock.
the input gain is at 11 o’clock.
When using the drive channel, I have a bit of breakup in my guitar tone at my guitar’s full volume, I lower my guitar volume control in the intro solo to clean my tone up.

Marshall Jubilee 2536 – 2×12 Cab

This cab features two Celestion V12 Vintage speakers.

For the performance video of Coming Back To Life, I have placed a single Sure SM57 just off the centre of the left speaker cone.