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Thank you for purchasing our initial release David Gilmour Coming Back To Life Live At Pompeii 2016 course.

For now, you have the performance video, guitar tab & backing tracks to be getting on with, and all of the solos lessons to play through.
Which unless you’re quite an experienced guitarist, this should keep you well entertained for over at least 6 – 8 months!

The next batch of videos due to be uploaded are as follows:
Welcome video (this will replace all of this text and give you a full how-to guide)

Next up will be the tone videos along with the Yamaha THR guide, so that you can get your sound close enough to David’s for your own enjoyment and comparison.

Then you will get Chester’s rhythm, which is great for working on your barre chords and timing.

David’s rhythm & the theory/improvisation courses will follow after all of this.

So for now, get stuck in, learn every bar as close to sound as possible & enjoy!
If you have any problems, contact us on the forum!

Kind regards,