Tab, Backing Tracks, Scales, Chord Sheets etc..

Lesson Materials

I highly recommend that you download & print the ‘Coming Back To Life’ guitar tab before commencing with the course tuition sections.
The lesson videos themselves include the tab for those sections, but it will be very useful for you to note down on paper where you get to and what you’re struggling with.
With the notes you write for yourself, you can easily go back and replay the relevant lesson video to improve upon that section.

You can play along with the backing track whenever you desire to, it will help you to practice playing in time and will also be very satisfying to hear yourself playing the sections with the backing.
Once the whole of the intro solo is learned, I would personally practice this over and over to the backing to really get those intricacies down.

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Coming Back to Life – Guitar Tab

Coming Back to Life – Backing Track

David’s Rhythm

Chester’s Rhythm

Synth Chords

Chord Boxes (learn these shapes!)

Improvisation Section

Am pentatonic scales

A natural minor scales