David’s Amp & Pedal Setup

All information on David Gilmour’s live rig has been taken from Gilmourish which is a great resource for all tones related to David Gilmour and Pink Floyd.
Although the accuracy of such information is hard to confirm without David or Phil Taylor (David’s guitar tech) confirmation, it’s a solid foundation to getting any David Gilmour tones you so desire.
I will highly recommend at this point that any live tones, effects, amps, settings you choose to replicate whether from Gilmourish or your own findings of live footage will still sound very different in a home setting in comparison to a live setting.
There are pedals and effects that if you so wish to budget for will help you get closer to Davids sound, like the BK Butler or Chandler tube drivers.
But when it comes to compression and EQ, most alternatives out there should be sufficient and easy to work with.