Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best gifts for guitarists Best gifts for guitarists, whether it’s for Christmas a birthday or just a surprise gift for the guitarist in your life, there’s plenty to choose from. The best gifts guitarists can receive are practicality-based, we guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of

5 Movie theme songs for guitar

I thought this list of 5 movie songs for guitar would be great fun to write. There’s always a lot of nostalgia in movie music, that Forest Gump soundtrack had a bigger impact on my interests in music than I ever initially realised, to this

Beginner Guitar Songs – Top 5 Beginner Songs!

TOP 5 BEGINNER SONGS ON GUITAR This beginner guitar songs list has been surprisingly more challenging to compile than I initially expected. Narrowing down all the songs that are great on guitar to just 5 easy basic guitar songs for beginners. I must have changed

F chord on guitar – 4 easy cheats for beginner guitarists

F CHORD ON GUITAR – 4 EASY CHEAT WAYS TO PLAY THE F CHORD So you struggle to play the F chord on the guitar and need some easy cheat F chord alternatives? Not a problem, this cheat guide provides you with the best alternative

F Chord On Guitar – How to Play The F Chord

F CHORD ON GUITAR – HOW TO PLAY THE F CHORD IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS. F chord on guitar: Perhaps the biggest challenge to guitarists, the F chord, but not to worry! I deemed the F chord impossible on my first attempt too and nearly

Lights Out – Royal Blood | Beginner Chords

LIGHTS OUT – ROYAL BLOOD This is a great song for beginner guitarists, just grab the chords up the top of the Lights Out’ image, learn them well and run through the song, I have no doubt you’ll master this in no time! Royal Blood

Beginner Electric Guitar

THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON BEGINNER ELECTRIC GUITARS You’re a complete beginner interested in the electric guitar, you haven’t learnt to fret a note and just like the look of electric guitars. Where do you go to get information on choosing your ideal beginner electric guitar?

Is it ever too late to learn guitar?

IS IT EVER TOO LATE TO LEARN GUITAR? When I first started teaching students how to play the guitar, I never had a particular age group in mind, I always assumed that I would be teaching guitar to all ages and that was that. But

Perfect – Ed Sheeran | chords beginner guitar lesson

PERFECT – ED SHEERAN EASY CHORDS FOR BEGINNERS Play Perfect by Ed Sheeran the easiest way without a capo and without the need for complex barre chords. The Norwich Guitar Academy provides you with the simplest chord shapes for this song so that you can

Riptide – Vance Joy – Beginner Chords Guitar Lesson

RIPTIDE – VANCE JOY BEGINNER CHORDS GUITAR LESSON [Intro] A#m G# C# C# A#m G# C# C# [Verse 1] A#m G# C# I was scared of dentists and the dark, A#m G# C# I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations, A#m G# C#

Beginner Guitar Theory – 101: Intervals

BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS – INTERVALS, CHORDS & SCALE THEORY 1.2 We have all heard at some time or another that learning scales are of utmost importance when learning any instrument. But no-one completely explains why, or at least, explains why within layman terms. I aim

Guitar Shops in Norwich & Norfolk

PROFESSIONAL MUSIC TECHNOLOGY PMT – NORWICH PMT guitar & instrument store is the largest guitar shop in Norwich & only a 5 minutes walk from our studios. The team at PMT are outstanding, very knowledgeable & friendly. The Norwich Guitar Academy has been recommending and

Beginner Chords Guitar Lesson – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

BEGINNER CHORDS GUITAR LESSON, I CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU Beginner Chords Guitar Lesson, learn the completely simplified guitar chords from the image above to get playing I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, almost instantly! A good way to practice this

Beginner Guitar Lessons – Movable Chords for Beginners, Learn to Play Every Major & Minor

BEGINNER GUITAR LESSONS – MOVABLE CHORDS FOR BEGINNERS. PLAY EVERY MAJOR & MINOR CHORD ON THE FRETBOARD. Beginner guitar lessons – movable chords Moving through all your major and minor chords as a beginner is tough. Particularly when jumping directly into barre chords, it can

Hotel California – Beginner Guitar Chords

HOW TO PLAY HOTEL CALIFORNIA BEGINNERS EDITION Hotel California has to be one of the most requested songs from all of our students. However, with the first chord being a barre chord, no beginner really can start with this unless they use a capo. So, with

Guitar Chords Beginners – Hallelujah

GUITAR CHORDS BEGINNERS – HALLELUJAH Beginners guitar chords can still seem a bit daunting especially as they are called ‘beginners guitar chords’. Going back to my very first day as a beginner guitarist, I was happy to even play a note or two, let alone