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Instant Guitarist Upgrade 2.

This course is perfect for anyone struggling with Barre Chords or getting into soloing.
We take real-life songs & play them exactly as played on the recordings with tab, chord charts & video instruction.
We tackle all the common soloing techniques, the absolute foundational theory to teach you to play every major and minor chord all over the fretboard.

If you’ve seen Barre chord shapes and just cannot get them ringing clearly, then you’ll find out how to correct that in our Instant Guitarist Upgrade 2 course.

(We highly recommend going through Instant Guitarist & Instant Guitarist Upgrade 1 before taking this course, you may already have a fair amount of experience in playing guitar, but if you’re holding the pick wrong or jumping into Barre chords too soon, you will struggle as you won’t yet have the finger strengths that are needed for barre chords.)



Instant Guitarist – Upgrade 1


Instant Guitarist


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