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Instant Guitarist.
The course that should come with your guitar.
We cover the absolute foundations of playing guitar in explicit detail on a step-by-step need-to-know basis.

If you’ve been dabbling in guitar for a few months, learning from youtube or various self-teaching avenues. then you need to take this course to ensure you’re doing everything you can to optimally develop the foundations for your guitar playing.

Perhaps you are totally new to guitar and looking to get started?
Then this is the course for you!
Playing the guitar is a habit, so if you practice bad techniques, it will become very difficult to get out of those ‘not so great’ techniques/methods later on.
the problem with poor technique is that it only becomes apparent later on in your playing when you try to master something a bit more challenging or try to pick faster/cleaner etc..
So help yourself now, by going through this course and ensuring you know every detail.
From the basics of strumming & holding a pick, to reading guitar tab, chord charts, and playing your first chords.


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Instant Guitarist – Upgrade 1


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