Coming Back To Life - David Gilmour

(Live At Pompeii 2016)

The Complete How To Play Coming Back To Life Guitar Course

How to play coming back to life live on guitar

Does my current ability level matter?

This has been our main goal with the guitar course for learning how to play Coming Back To Life, Live At Pompeii 2016. 

In theory, you can learn to play guitar from anything. Ideally you’ll choose songs you like, songs that will make you want to pick up your guitar and play.
As long as you take your time to break down the songs you are learning, you can really start with some advanced sounding pieces very early on.

We wanted beginners to be able to start learning guitar with ‘Coming Back To Life Live At Pompeii’ so you will find Lessons & their modules taken down to bitesize one or two bar measures at a time, with all the intricate detailing of David Gilmour’s playing explained in explicit detail.
If by any chance you do get stuck on any section, lesson, bar, note, technique, then you should use our forum to get in touch with our other students or myself to provide you with answers and feedback.

This support is forever, we want to build a friendly passionate community of guitarists to help, encourage and inspire each other – so join in!

So to summarise, I would recommend then you know how to read tab already and you should be good to go.
We do also have our free ‘Instant Guitarist’ course you can go through. 
If you understand everything in that course, then the ‘Coming Back To Life, Live At Pompeii guitar course’ is perfect for you.

Tone Match

All the top tips on tone matching David Gilmour for his unique sound on ‘Coming Back To Life Live At Pompeii 2016’

This is updated for life & you can even request suggested tone settings for your setup!

Accurate Transcription

None of that guess work on tabs anymore. every note has been meticulously replicated and revised.

Backing Track

You want to sound like David Gilmour, you want to play ‘Coming Back To Life’ note perfect, so you must want a quality backing track to play along to.

I won’t bore you with the amount of time I’ve spent on this, but I assure you, this is the closest backing track to the real thing you can get.

The Private Lesson Videos

Every technical nuance is taught, from a change in pick angle to a different bending position for unison bends.
When you struggle to sound like your guitar heroes (in this instance, David Gilmour) it’s not fully down to your equipment.
all the tiny technical nuances that guitarists place into their playing are being missed, more than likely, because you’re not aware of them, only hearing them, but not quite understanding how to get those same sounds ‘it’s in the fingers’ many people state.

In my private 1 – 1 lessons, I don’t like to leave any stone unturned.
So the same approach has been taken with this course, anything I hear, feel or just do, I scrupulously analyse to better help you, my students.
In 1 – 1 lessons you won’t approach this whole song within 1 hour, it’ll really take months and more than likely years of lessons to learn every technique David has implimented into this 7 minute masterpiece. 
The tab alone has taken me 2 – 4 weeks to transcribe, the backing track another 4/5 weeks to make/program, so I wouldn’t have the opportunity to offer something so comprehensive in private lessons alone.

I teach to both cameras like I would to you in a lesson with me, but because I have no questions being fired at me and distracting the workflow, I have the chance to explain in full depth what I’m doing, what I see David Gilmour is doing, what will get you certain sounds, certain control of your fingers and generally raise the game of your guitar playing for everything you approach in the future.
better yet, you can rewind, replay every tip until you fully understand what’s going on.
The video lessons are ample and around the 5 – 10 minute mark, we take around 2 bars at a time and I show you every bit about those 2 bars.
Then you have the slowed down play throughs at the end to hone your timing/feel as well as the tab on screen throughout so you can practice in your hotel room after a meeting or on a lunch break at work on your phone, ipad or laptop.

So this now leaves only one negative in comparison to 1 – 1 lessons.. your feedback and questions.
How can you ask me questions?
In the dedicated forum of course.
Upload your performances of a few bars or even the whole piece, ask questions if you don’t understand any sections.
If it’s evident I have missed a valuable piece of information out, I will go back and re-film it or add a new section of updates.
You will be heard, you will be helped and with our friendly community we will guide you through.

This is a complicated song that beginners can approach, you will learn so much so early on in your playing and habits will be formed which will last you the lifetime of your guitar journey.

Coming Back To Life

Live At Pompeii full course
$ 124.99
  • Tab & backing track
  • Over 40 tuition videos
  • Exclusive community access
  • Yours forever with lifetime updates


Match the Coming Back To Life Live At Pompeii Tone!

Whether you opt for pedals, have effects built into your amp or use some kind of amp software.
You can get very close to David Gilmour Coming Back To LIfe Live At Pompeii tone.
I use the Yamaha THR to provide you with settings for effects, amps & cabs on a budget.
Then if you like your valve amps & use individual pedals, I show you my approach to matching what you hear & what kind of pedals you’ll need.

Dig Into The Tab

Tabs are great for showing you which notes to play and where, but when it comes to pick angles, bending techniques or vibrato types, it falls short quickly.
So not only do you get my transcription/tab for Coming Back To Life – David Gilmour Live At Pompeii, but the videos keep the tab on screen so you’re free to practice on your phone/tablet or computer.
Every note is guided with the most intricate of detail to help you master the song!

David Gilmour's Technique

It’s said that great tone is in the fingers, but why and how?
From vibrato to pressure and hand angles, pick adjustments to volume and pickup selection.
As an electric guitarist, every touch impacts your sound.
I breakdown signatory techniques, such as tone and a half bends, vibrato arm dips, pick angle attack, what pickup to use, a good level to have your guitar volume at and more.

Learn coming back to life guided note by note

Get playing to the backing track in time


Coming Back To Life Theory & Improvisation Course

You’ve learnt the vibrato, the tone and a half controlled bends, even nailed the tone!
So it makes sense to now really learn what music is all about.
We’ve thrown in a bonus theory and improvisation course to help you get the most out of your course.
Just like having private lessons with me, I would encourage you to take a look at how the solo was constructed and take your time to play your own version with  practical bitesize theory and scale applications.
You will come out of this course understanding how to improvise, what’s more, this will translate into all aspects of your playing, whether its in a bands, jamming with friends or soloing over other songs and backing tracks, so don’t miss out, make the most of this free bonus!

Coming Back To Life

Live At Pompeii full course
$ 124.99
  • Tab & backing track
  • Over 40 tuition videos
  • Exclusive community access
  • Yours forever with lifetime updates