Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best gifts for guitarists Best gifts for guitarists, whether it’s for Christmas a birthday or just a surprise gift for the guitarist in your life, there’s plenty to choose from. The best gifts guitarists can receive are practicality-based, we guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of […]

Beginner Electric Guitar

THE COMPLETE GUIDE ON BEGINNER ELECTRIC GUITARS You’re a complete beginner interested in the electric guitar, you haven’t learnt to fret a note and just like the look of electric guitars. Where do you go to get information on choosing your ideal beginner electric guitar? […]

Guitar Shops in Norwich & Norfolk

PROFESSIONAL MUSIC TECHNOLOGY PMT – NORWICH PMT guitar & instrument store is the largest guitar shop in Norwich & only a 5 minutes walk from our studios. The team at PMT are outstanding, very knowledgeable & friendly. The Norwich Guitar Academy has been recommending and […]