Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best gifts for guitarists

Best gifts for guitarists, whether it’s for Christmas a birthday or just a surprise gift for the guitarist in your life, there’s plenty to choose from.

The best gifts guitarists can receive are practicality-based, we guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of pounds on our guitars, amps & pedals, so things like string cleaners, instrument cleaners, maintenance tools, etc.. are all fantastic thoughtful some of the best gifts for guitarists that we’ll use at least weekly.

If cleaning products and tools seem a bit boring, the next best gifts for guitarists can be little ornaments, mini guitars, or little guitar novelty gifts, like guitar ice cube trays or a marshall amplifier key hanger, the best gifts for a guitarist that will put a smile on their little string plucking faces.

Best Gifts For Guitarists List:

No 1 the Ernie Ball essential guitar toolkit

This little toolkit is essential for any gigs, practices, or general maintenance I need to perform on my guitars.
I have a regular toolbox with most of the tools needed for my instruments, but rummaging around for each individual Allen key, or the right-sized Phillips screwdriver is just a nuisance and wasted time, so I bought this handy little toolkit which I cannot imagine ever being without.
Just click the image above to go through to Amazon and take a look!

Alternatively, you can also get the Fender toolkit which is also a great gift for guitarists and even better for the Fender fans!


No 2 the Jim Dunlop guitar cleaners

Another staple for my guitar collection, the Jim Dunlop guitar cleaners!
No matter what finish the guitar has, this collection is perfect for any guitar collection, a great gift for guitarists that’ll definitely get used.

No 3 GHS Fast Fret

Ah, one of the first gifts I received as a new guitarist, my neighbour very kindly bought me a tube of GHS Fast Fret, I cleaned my strings with it, cleaned the fretboard, then wiped it down with the cloth provided.
Not only did it clean my strings and get some gunk off the fretboard, but it made them super slippery too, great for lead playing and helping you play a bit faster.
I now have around 4 of these to hand at all times, It’s become an essential I just cannot be without, especially for gigs too.

No 4 Hercules guitar stand

As far as guitar stands go, Hercules are the best, they’re not the cheapest, but as said earlier, when guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of pounds or dollars on their guitars, you certainly don’t want a flimsy stand that’s going to damage the finish of your guitar or fall apart after a year.
The added advantage of the Hercules guitar stands is also the grabbing mechanism, which holds the guitars more securely in place, they also do wall hangers which are exceptional! See below:

No 5 G7th guitar capo

A guitarist will one day need a capo, if not from the first lesson, definitely later down the line.
Capos are not created equally, you can get some budget clamp style capos and ones with a piece of fabric to pull over, but these come with many problems of their own.
The clamp ones can sometimes be over tensioned in manufacturing and clamp too tightly, making them hard to open and place onto the guitar correctly.
A capo clamping too tightly can also cause a small dent in the laquer of the neck or even into the wood, it’s rare but very possible.
the fabric ones are just simply fiddly and annoying, especially if the guitarist is playing live, not to mention they just simply look ugly too.
The G7th’s are hands down the best capo’s made, I’d say it’s one of the best gifts you can give a guitarist.

No 6 Marshall amp key hanger

A fun practical novelty gift.
Struggling to find a place to rest your keys? getting annoyed by keys being left in the door or on the dining table?
Then get yourself a novelty Marshall key hanger (there’s a fender one too) you simply attach one of the four jack plugs onto your keys as a keyring, and then once you’re home, plug it into one of the jack inputs of the Marshall amp, genius and looks so cool!

No 7 Vinyl record drinks coasters

I bought a set of these for a very dear friend of mines birthday, he’s a guitarist and a big pink floyd/David Gilmour fan!
So i searched around for dark side of the moon or pink floyd style ones, which are on amazon too!
They not only look really cool but also stop the mug/glass sliding around too.

No 8 Monster cables

Is your guitarist friend or partner getting some crackling noises from their cables?
If so, then a Monster cable is a must!
Investing in cables isn’t the most fun of gifts for guitarists, but I’ve had cables lasting over 10 years even in gigging environments, I guarantee any guitarist or bassist will be over the moon with this cable gift!

No 9 Mini guitar ornament

A fun little item, and can be an especially thoughtful gift for guitarists if you know what guitar is their favourite, like getting them a Gibson SG one, or a Gretsch one.

No 10 Brian May POP! figure

A POP! figure.
I always forget these exist until I stroll around a mall, or go round a friends house.
This particular one is Brian May from Queen, but there’s a wide variety of POP! figures out there, just click the image to take a look.

No 11 Jim Dunlop Multiple thickness guitar plectrums

A guitarist, whether experienced or new will always appreciate this.
The pick pixies are real, we have no idea where our plectrums go, so buying this gift for guitarists is a sure win and will not only be well appreciated, but guaranteed to be used.

No 12 Eric Johnson guitar plectrums

These are my particular choice of guitar picks, take a look at the guitarists collection of picks who you’re buying the picks for, then you can especially cater the purchase to their tastes.

No 13 Marshall Fridge

This is a rather large gift to give a guitarist, I wanted one for years and eventually bought myself the fridge with the freezer compartment.
I still think it looks cool 3 years on and use it on a daily basis.
Whenever someone comes round to my place for the first time, they’re always impressed by it, it’s certainly a talking point.

No 14 Snark tuner

A guitar tuner, but not just any guitar tuner.
This tuner doesn’t give confusing false readings from atmospheric noise, as there is no microphone and this picks up the vibrations of the strings through the neck and headstock.
This is great if you’re in a fairly noisy home, or trying to tune your strings at a gig!

No 15 Guitar holder chair

Limited space in the guitar room?
combine your stool and guitar stand in one!
I wouldn’t personally use this stool to replace my regular guitar stands, as when you want to just sit down on this stool, it’ll be useless if you use it as your guitar stand all the time, but if you use the stand for intermittent standing/taking sheets out of the printer etc.. then this can be really useful for that temporary guitar placement.

No 16 Guitar mug

Does your guitarist friend get sick of people using their mugs/cups in the office or at home?
maybe a guitar mug will assert to everyone that it’s theirs and not to drink out of it!
Plus, this one has a really cool handle.

No 17 Guitar tab note book

I had been looking for one of these tab notebooks for years!
I failed to find one, until this one.
It’s super useful if you’re working the songs out yourself or following youtube tutorials, wanting to compile all the songs you want to learn in one easy book, or want your guitar teacher to write everything down in one place, an absolute bargain too. I’d say this is one of the highlighted gifts for guitarists.

No 18 a guitar-themed hat, in this case, Fender.

You can’t go wrong with a hat!
If your guitarist friend has a love for a particular brand of guitar or amp, then the chances are, a hat by that company is available.
This is a Fender one, but you can also get Gibson, PRS, Marshall, Taylor, Martin etc..

No 19 Guitar accessories gift pack

A great gift for guitarists, especially for the new guitarists.
This little bundle has everything they need.
The capo, tuner, and strap will be nowhere near the professional durable quality as the ones listed elsewhere in this article, but as I suggest, for the new guitarists, this is a great foundational pack!

No 20 Levy guitar straps

Levy is THE go-to manufacturer of guitar straps.
With multiple styles to choose from, you can specialist the gift to your guitarist friend or partner’s tastes, and as it’s Levy, it’ll last a lifetime!

No 21 Pick holder

Picks go everywhere, I don’t know how many I’ve washed over the years in my jeans, how many are lost under the sofa, or how many I’ve left in guitar cases.
But, all of us guitarists need somewhere to store them, what better place than a pick holder?
This one is customisable so you can add a little message and memo onto it.

No 22 Stick on guitar pick holder

A stick-on guitar pick holder is super useful!
you simply attach this to the body of a guitar and slide your picks into the holder, then if you drop one whilst playing a gig or just need one, they slide out fast, and away you go.

No 23 Strap locks

Remember how I said earlier that us guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of pounds on our guitars and amps?
well, a strap lock is essential for a valuable guitar.
These strap locks are the best in the business, you just simply unscrew the old strap buttons, screw in the new strap buttons, attach the locks to your guitar strap, and away you go.
These click into place and then with a pull of a knob on the straps, they’re unlocked, just slide them out.
I use these on all the guitars I gig with.

No 24 Guitar pedals

We guitarists love pedals and effects.
The best gift for guitarists will be something that we can play with for hours, months, and in some cases, years.
Boss pedals are the best for new beginners looking to step into the world of guitar pedals.
I highly recommend everyone to have a Boss DS1 in their collection, then the Boss DD7 and the Boss TU-3 which is a tuner, but you can also power more pedals with this tuner too.

There we have it.
Our list of best gifts for guitarists.
Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.
let us know if you bought any of these and what you make of them!
These are my favourites and I hope they will be yours and your guitarist friends/partners too.