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Best Gifts For Guitarists

Best gifts for guitarists Best gifts for guitarists, whether it’s for Christmas a birthday or just a surprise gift for the guitarist in your life, there’s plenty to choose from. The best gifts guitarists can receive are practicality-based, we guitarists spend hundreds to thousands of

5 Movie theme songs for guitar

I thought this list of 5 movie songs for guitar would be great fun to write. There’s always a lot of nostalgia in movie music, that Forest Gump soundtrack had a bigger impact on my interests in music than I ever initially realised, to this

Beginner Guitar Songs – Top 5 Beginner Songs!

TOP 5 BEGINNER SONGS ON GUITAR This beginner guitar songs list has been surprisingly more challenging to compile than I initially expected. Narrowing down all the songs that are great on guitar to just 5 easy basic guitar songs for beginners. I must have changed